Loan Management

A full-suite micro lending platform

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Manage loan accounts

Create new loans, capture payments and view historic transactions. Managers have the ability to write off bad loans.

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Payment forecasting

Pre-generated payments give the ability to forecast your company's expected income over the next few months.

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Cash box management

Users have to count cash before opening and closing cash boxes. Managers can write-off differences by providing an override.

Full loan application

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The workflow is customizable and is fully integrated with credit bureaus to pull credit reports and verify bank accounts. All of this is done within the loan application screen.

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Complete audit trail on steps

Adjustments and manager overrides are tracked throughout the loan application process, giving managers a full audit trail on historic events.

Employer verification

To prevent fraud, an employer verification step is required to ensure employment and verify the client's salary and salary pay date.

Document upload

Documents are stored and linked to the loan application and can be downloaded or printed at any time for review.

Payment gateway integration

The Loan Management system is integrated into two payment gateway providers: Paym8 and Intecon.

This allows the micro-lender to easily disburse money into the client's bank account as well as load debit orders for collecting money.

Intecon Paym8

Real-time Bank Account Verification

Bank accounts can be verified in real-time while going through the loan application process.

Customer Credit Reports

Microlenders have the ability to pull customer credit reports. This enables address, telephone and income verification through a trusted credit bureau.

Intecon Paym8