CRM and Lead Nurturing

Overview - Feature List


  • Classified contacts as companies, individuals, customers and suppliers.
  • Link individuals to companies and vice versa.
  • Add information such as name, surname, phone numbers, email, ID, passport, gender, marital status etc. All of this is configurable.
  • Add tags to contacts to classify them and report on them later.
  • Search contacts by name, surname, phone number, email.
  • Click-to-dial, SMS or email a contact and view full communication history.


  • Import leads through the background importer.
  • Assign leads to a sales person and sales team manually or automatically in a round-robin fashion.
  • Automatically create new leads from an incoming email.
  • Add tags to leads to classify them and report on them later.
  • Rate leads and opportunities and reorder them in the sales pipeline.
  • Convert leads to opportunities once they are qualified.
  • Schedule meetings on opportunities.
  • Upload documents to opportunities.
  • Add next activities with a description and deadline.
  • Mark opportunities as lost and report on the lost reason.
  • Mark opportunities as won.

Sales Pipeline

  • Customise pipeline stages according to your business process.
  • Report on expected revenue per pipeline stage.
  • Manage sales teams and round-robin settings.