CRM and Lead Nurturing

Track your future sales

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An easy to use sales pipeline

Drag and drop your sales opportunities to track their stage. Schedule meetings and send emails to your prospective customer with one click. Schedule next activities to stay on top of your game.

Choose from a list of predefined email or SMS templates. Call your prospective customer directly from the browser and listen to past call recordings.

Real-time manager reports

You can report on virtually any data that is captured in the CRM and you can save any report as a "Favourite" so you can easily view it later.

Reports display data as it is at this moment in time. You can export your reports to Excel to further dig into it.

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Manage contacts

Store contact information of any customer/supplier you've done business with in the past. Tag your partners and view a full history of opportunities, sales, emails, calls and much more.

The contact is the central entity of the whole CRM and it allows you to focus on building strong relationships.

Click to dial

Call contacts, leads and opportunities by clicking on their number. The CRM uses your device's microphone and makes calls directly from your browser.

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Create voice, SMS and email campaigns from a data set of leads


Create quotations and send them to your prospective client


Create tasks once opportunities fall in specific stages